T. J. Anthony Law Firm

We are a small firm of highly trained lawyers with decades of hands-on experience who help investors and entrepreneurs build strong businesses through complex transactions.

  • We help investors and entrepreneurs buy, sell, finance, develop and invest in, or restructure, businesses and projects involving real estate, energy, infrastructure, financial assets and intellectual property.


  • We concentrate on negotiating, structuring and executing deals involving development, engineering and construction challenges; asset-backed or structured financing requirements; complicated capital and tax structures; public-private partnerships; and special ownership and control arrangements.


  • Because we have hands-on experience with various businesses and projects in a number of countries, we can help clients launch or invest in new types of businesses or assets in the United States or overseas.  We help put in place structures that mitigate conflicting interests among stakeholders and align their incentives to achieve targeted returns.


  • While we work on stand-alone deals, we often help clients put in place platforms and processes for repeated transactions, to execute them quickly and effectively, reduce risks and increase returns.


  • We are familiar with many tax, accounting and regulatory issues, and we work closely with clients’ in-house experts and outside advisers to resolve them, often taking a leading role to coordinate the efforts of the various teams.


  • We have worked on transactions involving the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.  For a list of representative transactions, please click on the link under “Experience” below.
  • We seek to develop long-term, personal relationships with clients, so that we can advise them well and work for them efficiently.


  • We work hard to understand what clients want to achieve and need to achieve.  We speak candidly and clearly to help them set priorities, manage risks and plan budgets.


  • We cooperate with our clients’ counterparties on negotiation, documentation and closing processes.  Confidence-building, reliability and trust among the parties are important elements of the deals we work on.  We take a leading role to help clients and their counterparties reach agreements and implement them.


  • We work closely with our clients to identify key facts and understand their implications for deal structures and the achievement of successful outcomes.  We spend time on the due diligence, research and analysis necessary to give practical advice and document agreements.


  • We strive to be available, 24/7, to our clients.  We work mostly through conference calls, emails and cloud-based document management.  We are ready to travel, especially where face-to-face negotiations or on-the-ground due diligence can be particularly useful.
  • We are a small firm of highly trained lawyers with decades of hands-on experience.  Each of us works personally on research, analysis and documentation, and each of us is directly available to our clients.


  • We have been partners or senior counsel in top law firms serving the finance and investment industry and, in several cases, we have held senior executive positions in investment banks, securities broker-dealers, private equity firms or hedge funds.  A few of us have worked in startups.
  • Our founder, T. J. Anthony, has lived in New York City, Washington, DC, Japan and Germany and worked with private equity firms, hedge funds, investment banks, operating companies, joint ventures and project developers on a range of U.S. and international transactions.


  • He was a real estate partner, a project development and financing partner and then a structured finance partner in the Wall Street law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, before joining Lehman Brothers in Tokyo as Chief Governance Officer, Asia.  Thereafter, he spent several more years in Tokyo with Shinsei Bank as a General Manager, first in Capital Markets, handling structured products and principal transactions, and then leading the Chief Financial Officer’s team that managed capital markets fund-raising and cross-border investments.


  • Returning to the U.S., he served as Chief Legal Officer of Paloma Securities, an institutional broker-dealer and proprietary trading business owned by the Paloma Partners hedge fund.  He then joined SunRay Power, a startup, as Chief Operating Officer, building the company into an asset management platform with over $250 million of commercial solar energy projects and a solar renewable energy credit trading business.


  • He is admitted to practice law in Virginia, New York and the District of Columbia.  He holds a B.S., Engineering, from the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he was a Distinguished Graduate; an M.A., Economics, from Yale University, where he was a University Fellow; and a J.D. from The University of Chicago Law School, where he worked in the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic representing low-income plaintiffs in employment discrimination lawsuits.